Infrared: orange, apple, beetroot, grapefruit

Infrared: orange, apple, beetroot, grapefruit


This drink has ample citrus balanced with the sweetness of the apple, sharpness of grapefruit, earthiness of beetroot. This is a great drink if you are looking to incorporate more veggies into your juices and are making a slow transition from fruit. Packed with loads of vitamins that are not present in processed drinks with long shelf lives, this is a great drink for an energy boost mid afternoon. 

This and Apple Blast go down well with children. 

All our juices are 100% fruit and vegetables. We do not add any preservatives of any kind (no hpp or heat treatment, no chemicals or freezing). This means they are truly fresh and have a short shelf life. We make our drinks to order. 

Free delivery for 9 x 250ml juices or more, otherwise delivery charged at £8.