Juice Fasting

We know that many of our customers enjoy doing juice fasts and see benefits from doing this. Some of the reasons juice fasts are popular are:

However, you will be hard pushed to find a registered dietitian to recommend doing a juice fast to kick-start a healthy regime. Why is this? You can read up on what The Association of UK Dietitians say about detoxing here

Where does this leave you? You have many reports of positive experiences of juice cleanses and yet professionals advising against it. We advise that you do your best to be informed and then make the decision that feels right to you. 

If you are asking for our opinion? We have not done a juice fast. Instead we opt for daily consumption of vegetable juices as we try and have a healthy lifestyle and diet. This includes lots of wholefoods and exercise that is fun. If you feel you need some additional support as you try and reach your goals, we recommend booking a phone session with Nutritional Therapist Sonal Shah. Sonal has a big heart and you may find her enthusiasm and commitment to you the catalyst to help you make the change you are aspiring towards. 

If you do decide to go ahead with a cleanse please read our guidance:

If you are considering doing a juice fast or are part way through one, you are welcome to join our Rocket Juice community on facebook to share experiences and encouragement with other juice enthusiasts. 

Who are we? Kate (founder of Rocket Juice) wrote this article with support and advice from Nutritional Therapist Sonal Shah. You can find out more about Sonal here.  

We use the terms: fast, cleanse and detox interchangeably through out this article. Based on customer research, although the intention may be different, often the process is similar.