About Our Juice Packages

Rocket Juice makes and sells fresh, cold pressed juices. Get fresh juices delivered to your home or office. 

The only things that go into our juice are fresh fruit and veg. All juices are made fresh for events or orders.

Cold pressing fruit and veg is known to give the best quality juice, reduces oxidation and prevents loss of nutrients as the juicing process does not involve heat.

If you struggle to eat your 5 a day, then drinking veg (and a little fruit) juice could help maintain your health. Juicing is great for people who want to maximise on the benefits of raw foods and for those who appreciate a fresh, tasty drink!

Our flavours range from 94% veggies to 94% fruit so there is something for everyone. All carefully balanced to ease you into the cold pressed, veggie world.

The nutrients and enzymes stay in tact as we do not use any forms of preservation: no pasturisation, no HPP (cold pressurising), no chemicals, no freezing. Just 100% fruit and vegetables. 

If you would like to read an independent review of our juice flavours visit DrinkPreneur