How do I amend, pause or cancel my subscription?

Follow the link to makes changes as required. You are welcome to change, pause or cancel your subscription as required. 

What is the shelf life of the juice?

Four days by the time you get them. Our juices are completely fresh with no preservatives added. They are made to order so there is no fear they have been sitting in a warehouse for a week or frozen in a freezer for a month.

Is your juice suitable for freezing?

It is possible to extend the shelf life of the juice by freezing it. Please make a bit of space in the bottle to allow the juice to expand whilst freezing. Freeze before the use-by date.

Do you use HPP and what is it?

We have chosen not to use HPP to extend the shelf life of our juice as we only drink fresh juice, believing fresh is best. We are not in favour of storing juice for several weeks before consumption.  HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. It is a method of using pressure to kill bacteria and therefore extends the shelf life of juice and other foods. If you see any cold pressed juice in supermarkets, it is most likely been preserved using HPP.  

Can I use Rocket Juice for a fast?

Rocket Juice is made using the same methods as cold pressed juice cleanses found on other companies websites. We do not sell the juice specifically designed for fasts or cleanses as we are not sure it is the healthiest way for you to achieve your goals. This is why we have teamed up with Sonal, our Nutritional Therapist. You can read guidance about fasting here or book a phone appointment with Sonal for a more in-depth, personal response about how to improve your health and well-being using food and juice. 

Why is your juice expensive?

Making cold pressed juice is an expensive process unless you are making thousands of litres a day and then preserving the shelf life using HPP or adding preservatives. There are several reasons why cold pressed juice is considered expensive:

- Cold pressed juices are a higher quality drink. Processed juices use large scale production which lowers the juice cost but that means the juice is no longer fresh. Some of the larger juice companies are even adding nutrients back into the juice after the processing has finished. 

- Making fresh juice is an expensive business model as it means we cannot do a big production run and then keep the stock for several weeks or months (this reduces staffing costs, delivery, increases discounts for bulk buying etc).  This is the price of drinking high quality, fresh juice. 

- Making juice is labour intensive. There are numerous processes involved: cleaning, peeling and washing fruit and veg, juicing, cleaning juicers between flavours, mixing, bottling, applying labels, packing. It is a lovely job to have but can be quite time consuming. 

- Delivery is a large chunk of the cost of the juice. We include this in the price. Due to the fresh nature of the juice, we use over night, chilled delivery with ice packs and specialist packaging. 

- The ingredients we use are high quality and we cram loads in to each juice. There is no added water, no concentrates, just 100% fruit and veg.

Why is your juice cheap?

Compare us to other fresh, raw, cold pressed juice companies that deliver juice packages and you may consider us cheap. That said, we prioritise quality before price. We have managed to give our customers a good price as we have streamlined our processes and our margins are small. We want cold pressed juice to be as accessible as possible. We want you to love our juice and come back for more. 

Do you export juice abroad?

Due to the fresh nature of our juice and high shipping costs, we do not think this is an option. It is possible to send packages abroad to individuals with the additional shipping costs. 

Tell me more about your wholesale cold pressed juice service.

We can provide you with our branded juice or white label juice (using our flavours). We are happy to attach your labels to the bottles. If you are interested to get a quote for wholesale juice, please provide us with some information about: your business, quantities of juice you will be ordering, frequency, bottle sizes required, delivery requirements. We deliver all over mainland UK.