6 x 500ml mixed flavour juices - Rocket Juice

6 x 500ml mixed flavour juices


A well balanced mix of 5 juice flavours and a chance you pick a second of your favourite juice. Please leave a message at checkout to tell us the flavour of your 6th juice from the choices below:

Apple Blast: apple, lemon, ginger: fruit based juice

Upbeet: cucumber, apple, beetroot: veggie based juice, 60% veggies 40% apple

Infrared: orange, apple, beetroot, grapefruit: fruit based juice

Go Green: apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger: Veggie based juice, 66% veggies 3% lemon 31% apple

Veg Vigour: cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger: 94% veggies 6% lemon

All juices are made fresh to order. Delivery is included in the price with this order. 

You will get one of each of the above flavours plus additional one of your choice. If you do not specify, we will provide an additional Apple Blast. If you would prefer a different mix of flavours (6 x Go Green for example), please let us know at checkout.