Rocking People We Have Worked With

Digital Marketing: David Martin

David worked with the brand in its earliest days. He built the pre-shopify website and designed the logo. David did all our banners and design work. He helped transform an idea into a brand. David continues to support Rocket Juice in its digital cluelessness. Find out more about David at his website here

Designer: Fernanda De Uriarte

Fernanda was the professional we called when designing the labels ourselves was not working out. Fernanda took the energy of the brand and pushed it forward. Fernanda's creative ideas were exciting and resulted in a fun, quirky drinks label. You can see more of Fernanda's work at her website

Model: Brenda Bokoe

Brenda helped us take some great photos in March. Her warm personality comes through in the photos (despite it being a coooold day). She was a pleasure to work with. You can find her on instagram: IamBrendaBokoe

Photographer: Giacomo Morelli

Giacomo was our photographer for the shoot with Brenda. Giacomo led the shoot with his great ideas fuelled by his passion and enthusiasm. You can check out Giacomo at his website